Monday, May 24, 2010


Jolie wanted to know how the cash jars are going so here's an update.

We're going into week four with the cash jars. So far I think I'm getting used to it. One problem I can see so far is with gas money. For the past three months I have spent around $80 on gas for the car, so for this month I budgeted $100. The whole amount was spent a week ago. I suspect it's because I am using a full-serve station now and maybe they aren't very honest at the pump. I can't think of another option because my son is usually in the car when we fill up and I used to rely on pay-at-the-pump with my credit card. I'm thinking of going back to that.

For groceries the cash only seems to be working though, and we still have $60 out of $200 remaining with just over a week to go. I don't have any of my $100 personal spending money left but that's to be expected. I sold my sister my crappy cell phone and all its accessories for $50 and I still have $40 left from that.

In other news my car stalled out on the street yesterday and I had to have it towed to a mechanic. I'm going to try a different mechanic this time. Since today was a holiday I will call them tomorrow morning to find out what went wrong. If the repairs are over $500 I am going to have the car towed back home and if they are around $1000 (like last summer) I'm going to sell it. I can save $300 to $400 a month if I don't have a car. It will be quite an adjustment though.

Seriously, Karissa

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  1. It sounds like things are going much better as you get used to things. Sorry to hear about the auto difficulties. Thanks for the update.


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