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The Cost of Wellness

So far, my new morning routine consists of:

- two Super Orti-Vite vitamins ($42 a bottle)
- one Omega 3 - 6 ($16 a bottle)
- one Aloe Immune ($41 a bottle)
- 2000 IU liquid Vitamin D (free from naturopath)
- one Macrobid (covered by SunLife)
- two Valacyclovir (covered by SunLife)
- two eggs and toast
- apple or strawberries
- glass of orange juice (canned concentrate, pulp-free)

At lunch I have been eating dinner leftovers, which is usually rice and a meat/veggie concoction that I throw together. Yesterday I remembered to pack some fresh veggies and dip. At some point in the day I eat two more Valacyclovir, and thanks to all this pill-popping, I'm drinking tons of water. All day I sip on a red raspberry leaf tea ... I don't mind it if it's cold.

Dinner is more protein/veggie/grain stuff and another Macrobid. If I remember and think my stomach can handle it I eat an iron pill ($24 a bottle).

Nighttime routine is one more Omega 3 - 6 and another Aloe Immune. My naturopath says that once the bottle of Aloe Immune is finished I won't have to take anymore. She also said that I MUST consume protein three times a day. This week I am eating through 2 lbs of ground beef. So much for going back to vegetarianism.

My naturopath also mentioned that Canadian beef is very high quality and much more trustworthy than chicken. She said the industry has worked long and hard to make sure it's products are really standard, which is reassuring.

Finally, a really great thing has come out of being sick. I realized on Monday that I had not had a coffee since Friday. I guessed that some of my headachy pain over the weekend could have been attributed to withdrawal. I had been planning to take a couple days to myself this summer and put myself through the coffee withdrawal, but it's already done! I miss coffee, but I have been making myself drink herbal tea instead. I went for a coffee with a friend yesterday and had an Earl Grey with milk and sugar instead. It was lovely.

Funny thing is, I didn't touch coffee until I was 26 years old. Then I made up for lost time by becoming a fast addict of it. Hopefully I can chalk up another addiction busted (along with cigarettes - go me!).



  1. I had a coffee addiction when I was a teenager, then had nothing to do with it, but recently I can't get enough of it!!! I am happy its free at work (which may be why I am drinking so much again). And yeah to Canada Beef!!! I am from Alberta and I believe Alberta beef is the best :)

  2. Anonymous8:56 PM

    I hear ya on the cigs - I am hoping to quit smoking in the very near future. I grew up in the land of coffee - Seattle!

  3. I'm glad you go to a naturpath. Does the Canadian health insurance system cover naturpaths, as well? They certainly do not cover them over here in the US. It sounds like you are doing all you can do keep yourself healthy. Healthy eating leads to a healthy life.

  4. I thought Coffee is considered a health food now..??

    I'm so confused.



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