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Tax returns

So much is going on in my little life, and I have to start somewhere, so here's a list:

- union issues bumped my good friend and co-worker out of our adjoining offices, so I'm dealing with the change of missing what was and getting used to what is

- I'm thinking of taking a summer school course in first-year accounting, which can lead into a degree in Business, if I decide to go that route

- the Bean is beautiful and challenging, just like life should be

March spending was about the same as previous months, with a little overspending in the food/house category, and underspending in car fuel/oil. Debt payments are excitingly moving along (as you can see in the sidebars).

I received my income tax refund today of $1687.49.
I put $860 into an RRSP account, bringing it up to $2500 or so.
I put $300 on my line of credit and $500 on my credit card.

Financially I'm feeling good. As for the rest of it, I'm feeling a little low lately, which is why I'm having a hard time posting to my blogger. As well, Bean hasn't been away from me in almost two weeks, so I haven't made time to just sit and write. Hopefully more to come this weekend!



  1. Hey - Just a reminder that if you need textbooks, if they are the same ones I'd be happy to give them to you! xo.

  2. Anonymous7:10 PM

    Tax returns are great aren't they! I claim a lot less exemptions than I can so I can get a lump sum back once a year. It's like a personal savings plan!

  3. Congrats on making progress on the debt. That must feel great. Sorry you've been feeling low, I hope the spring weather raises your spirits.


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