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Back again ... maybe

Today I am back. I just decided to pop on here and make a post. I thought about writing it yesterday but I did not know where to begin. I actually still do not know where to begin but here I am.

The last time I posted was almost two years ago, when I paid off the last of my $20 000 credit card debt. Prior to that I updated irregularly. When I started the blog I had just had the cable cut off to save money, and did not have internet at home. I do have access at my office, but rarely felt inspired to post anything in that environment.

I also struggled with what I wanted to write about here. I was afraid of saying too much because I wanted to keep the blog anonymous. I wanted to protect the anonymity of my son, Bean (not his real name). I eventually stopped reading other people's blogs because I felt a bit guilty about lurking on their personal photos and details, while not contributing similar information about myself.

I wanted to educate people about wellness and a simplified budget, but I was pretty new to the game and did not feel like I could contribute with any real authority. I was afraid I would alienate "normal" people if I blogged about Archangel Michael or Reiki, for example.

I was trying to follow the advice of the successful financial bloggers: decrease debt, increase income. I succeeded at the former but not the latter. I did end up purchasing some ING mutual funds but I never did get the courage to try investing for real. Honestly, I still do not have the funds to do so because I did not increase my income.

I still work as a part-time secretary at a university in Ontario, Canada. My son will turn seven next week. We still live in a rental, but a few months ago moved into a whole house with my fiancé. When I first began this blog in 2008 we were just moving out of a whole house rental so I guess we have come full circle. Living with someone is difficult, but mostly still easier than living above or below strangers, which we did for three years and counting.

I sold my old problematic Ford to the wreckers for $200 and borrowed $5000 from my line of credit to purchase a used Toyota. It was well worth the expense since I have not had any car trouble since August 2011 (knock on wood). I just paid that $5000 off this month, less than two years since the purchase.

Last summer I borrowed some more to go to yoga teacher training. I thought it would be an investment into a new stream of income but I did not have a positive experience and I am afraid to teach yoga. I still go to a class once a week to stay in shape but for now I have shelved the idea of becoming a yoga teacher.

I hope to keep in touch and post something here regularly. I hope you are all doing well.