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Last week was a crazy one. It was a quiet week at work after crazy the week prior, but my home life turned upside down. Literally. We had to be out of the apartment by Saturday, which was the same day of Bean's fifth birthday party, his first big birthday party ever. Up until this year I did not have the nerve or the cash to pay for a party for twelve kids, but this year I took a deep breath and went for it.

The week started at the mechanics, where I forked over yet another $200 to have the alternater replaced. This was necessary, since I had already started loading up the car and taking loads to second-hand stores, the consignment shop, and the free market. I had a car-load of toys packed in, to go to Bean's dad's in the big city, when the car decided to die in an intersection not far from home.

By mid-week the car was repaired, and I was shuttling loads of mostly toys to the house at which we are staying until end of July. By Friday the movers came and took all the big stuff into storage, and Saturday morning, just a few hours before the big birthday party, we took two more loads over to the house.

(We being me, Bean, and his dad, who came out to help and to attend the party. My sweetheart and I broke up about a month ago, I think. Fodder for another post).

I received my monthly pay on Thursday and divvied it up amongst various bill payments, and made the mistake of sending $117 to the wrong credit card account! Luckily it was the account that had the remaining $2000, which is now down to $883 :D

So Bean and I are living rent-free until August, but I paid out about a month's worth of rent on Friday and Saturday, what with the movers and storage, and the party that cost $300!! Next year I hope we will be in a place big enough to have just a few kids at home with games. Yet this year I did have the luxury of not having to clean up after and entertain a dozen five year olds, since we went to an indoor playground that specializes in this kind of thing. And the kids had a blast, and my kid was so pleased, so it was worth every penny, right?

Seriously, Karissa


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