Friday, July 31, 2009

JULY - Expensive month!

July was certainly the most expensive month this year. Thank Murph I'm tracking my expenses, so I know exactly where I went wrong (Miscellaneous spending!).

In addition there were the car repairs (water pump, coolant pipe, and belt tensioner replaced) with more repairs (brakes, exhaust pipe) to come in a few weeks.

ALSO I had orthotics made, and while my insurance company should reimburse me for them, I will likely not be reimbursed for the footwear.

AS WELL I had a massage and Bowen treatment, both for which I will be reimbursed next month.

I went to the bank to make my first student loan payment, and they did not have the loan on record. We called the number on the letter of arrears that I received, to be told that this loan actually DOES qualify for Interest Relief.

I took my $66 payment and bought another $42 bottle of multi-vitamins from my Naturopath. Can't afford to get sick!


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  1. It's good to have health insurance that helps to cover some of the needs, at least. So many people are now losing that coverage, it's sobering. I hope the orthotics will lead to some relief! What kind of special footwear did you need for them? I have been wanting to get some made.


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