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Dig a little hole

Hello! Happy New Year! Happy Easter!

Like usual, I've been updating my sidebars but not any actual content with this blog. Everything is still going swimmingly, as we just keep swimming, just keep swimming, further into middle age (me), adolescence (Bean) and adult kittyhood (Baxter and Link).

Bean is turning eleven at the end of this month! I know! I started this blog when he was three - although you wouldn't know I've been at it for eight years judging by the sound of crickets around here. He is very much a "tween" with his headphones on and his jeans showing his ankles since his legs are growing out of them.

I was very fortunate when he was little, since his great-aunt handed down all the clothes her grandson - two years older - outgrew. But for the past couple of years this source dried up, and luckily I now make a little bit more money than I did when we were younger. We found a pair of jeans that he loved at The Children's Place and would buy three or four pairs new each September. He wears them until Spring (luckily he is only getting longer and seemingly leaner) and then they are cut into shorts for the summer. Usually by then the jeans are missing their knees so shorts are the next best step. Then, when he can no longer button them up, they go into the donation bag.

This summer we have a big plan to take an overseas holiday!! I have been saving for years for Bean's braces, but his mouth is still full of baby teeth so I took the plunge and booked a two week trip to France for the two of us! I will be back in debt for a couple of months, but should be able to pay it back by the end of the year if we can commit to a frugal christmas. Bean is ok with me not throwing a birthday party for him this year, and his birthday gift is a ticket to Lollapalooza in Paris!!

It sounds so indulgent for a single mom to take her tween to Europe, especially since the house we bought needs so much work, but I just had to do it. I've been thinking about it for two years. By next year, Bean will be even lankier and stinkier and I won't want to share a hotel bed or a tent with him (we will be camping in Bordeaux for seven days). He might not even be speaking to me by then! (Not likely, I stopped speaking to my mother when I was fourteen, so I might have a couple more years.) 😊

I will have to add a sidebar with the small amount of debt I'm taking on to pay for the trip. On the other hand, the sidebars for the car and student loans payments have been decreasing nicely, n'est-ce pas?


  1. 11 already? holy wow time has flown by.


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