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Pet costs

Yesterday I posted about my recent experience purchasing - and using - travel insurance. The bank did not give me a policy number at the time of purchase, and the overseeing insurance company did not receive the paperwork in a timely manner because of the holiday on July 1st.

Something that made me smirk during the whole ordeal, was that I did have a policy number for the cat. Yeah. A couple of days before we left, I called the number on his collar tag to make sure his microchip was programmed with our current address. During the call, the nice representative managed to sell me an annual pet insurance policy for $20. I thought it was a good idea, mostly because I had a student staying at our house while we were away, and I wanted to minimize the effects of any emergency our adventure-loving kitten might encounter out in the wild.

So when the NY hospital asked me for the policy number for Bean's "broken" arm, I checked my phone and found the pet insurance policy number, which had been given to me right after I told them my credit card number on the phone. Seriously.

And it's a good thing I bought it too, because when we returned a day early from our trip, the cat was home and he had a big bump on his back. After a few days, it burst and since he had chewed a patch of skin off his back I could see a bloody wound on his skin. Off to the vets for an antibiotic; a $130 visit. The pet insurance has a $50 deductible, but I should be receiving $80 any day now.

Pet insurance For The Win.