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To Save or to Spend?

I already know the answer to this question.

But now that I am not putting my money towards credit card debt, I am antsy to spend. I have been looking at listings for a new (to me) car.

My criteria are: low kms, manual transmission, and air conditioning. I don't care about the other features.

My current automobile is the little Toyota I purchased from a graduate student in 2011.

I am in a love/hate relationship with this car.

First, last summer was unbearable, what with she having a black exterior and no air conditioning. We had only a couple of weeks of heat-wave, and I was miserable. This summer I hope to drive to NY state for a vacation and I'd really like air conditioning for the highway.

Second, the driver's side lock is finicky, in such a way that sometimes I get locked in, and I have to climb over the stick and out the passenger side door. So frustrating! Slightly embarrassing!

Other than those things, she's a great little car. If I could find one just like her, maybe in red or gold, with low kms, manual transmission, and air conditioning, I would be set.

I have set a timeline to purchase by June, and a budget no higher than $6000. Which means that I have to save $1000 a month, and then re-introduce insurance, gas, and other expenses into my budget. Currently I share those expenses with my partner, whose car died last Fall. I discouraged him from purchasing another car because his line of credit is still over $8000 to be paid. We now get by with sharing/ car-pooling/ public transit. I think it works ok for now, but I still would really like to have something else by the summer.