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Confession (Debt Rut part two)

I did it. I said I wouldn't, but I pulled the trigger.

I bought a netbook. Actually, more than a netbook. About $300 more.

I put in some overtime hours and instead of putting the extra money onto my debt I used it to buy myself an early birthday present. A $600 early birthday present. A little laptop, that had all the specs I had been researching for the past six months. I tried to wait another month to see if the price would drop for xmas, but I gave in.

It's an Acer Aspire Timeline 1810T. I'm going to write a proper review for the Future Shop site and I'll copy it here too.

So far, a fun little toy.

Please don't judge me :)

Seriously, Karissa

PS: I also bought a new winter coat for $89. It's goose-down. Hopefully it lasts the season. It has been years since I bought a proper winter coat. PAID OFF.

PPS: I also bought a gym membership for $40 a month. So far I've been going to yoga twice a week and it's totally worth the money spent. Deducted from payroll each month.


  1. As long as you didn't incur more debt then I don't see the problem. And a good winter coat in Canada is a necessity - brrrr, the nights are getting really cold!

  2. That actually sounds like a really good price for a winter coat. Also, what I'm trying to do for my gym membership is either use it frequently (2+ times per week) or put it on hold (so that I can think about whether I really need it back or need to cancel it).

  3. Gym membership, totally worth it. Take time to go and your body will appreciate it!


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