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More savings

Well I finally opened an ING savings account, and it took me a few months, but I finally remembered to send a cheque in to get things rolling. The good part is that I got a $25 referral bonus (and I can't remember whose Orange Key I used to get it) and the bad part is that the account is still not linked to my other online bank account. I guess I have to send them another cheque, marked VOID. What a pain. I'll get around to it eventually.

So now I have two Savings progress bars, one for my old account, and one for my new.

ING just started offering a chequing account so I opened one today. I am going have my government incentive cheques (GST, HST, PST) deposited there so that I won't be tempted to spend them. I am also going to send VOID cheques to the companies I use for RESP savings and life insurance to have both withdrawn from the ING account.

The focus of this shift to ING is Bean, and keeping "his" finances separate from the others (rent, food, household, etc.).

If you were thinking of opening an ING account for yourself and would like to take advantage of the $25 bonus incentive, feel free to grab my Orange Key code on the right. We'll both get the $25 bonus, and we'll have the warm fuzzies together :)

Seriously, Karissa