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A couple of observations on living car-free:

- Our day is extended by at least an hour because of waiting waiting waiting for the bus
- If we miss the "fast bus" (the express) we will almost certainly be late, because the "slow bus" comes by every forty minutes
- Unfortunately the "fast bus" runs only six times a day during the summer term
- Wearing a back pack is turning into a serious habit
- I'm convinced I have less cellulite on my hips and upper thighs, from walking across campus at least twice a day
- I have already put $200 towards the credit card debt only one week into the month
- It's not so bad, really (I tell myself this several times a day and almost believe it)

Seriously, Karissa


  1. All the waiting around is a pain. But I find that I get an amazing amount of pleasure reading done both during the ride and while I wait for the bus. On days I don't commute, I actually miss the reading time.

  2. I remember the express! You know if you see the bison you're going to have a good day!

    I went for many years without a car, because I didn't get my full license until I was 27. I didn't mind it so much, other than that the town in which I live has no public transport. I think I had a lot more spending money at the time, too.


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