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Bye bye for now

To do tomorrow: have the Ford towed back to the parking lot of my building. The mechanic of the lot where it sits now quoted me a $3000 repair bill, and then offered to sell me a 96 Corolla for $1500. He said the timing belt went, exposing valves, bending them, and frying the engine. As it stands now I owe them $120 for the diagnosis, and tomorrow I'll pay them and have CAA tow my baby the hell out of there. My sweetheart stopped there last night to remove the boy's car seat and found both doors unlocked and the key in the ignition (not that the car would start to go anywhere, but still).

What a mickey-mouse operation. If I decide to get the car fixed, I won't do it there.

In their defence, I did say I'd be by to settle up by Wednesday or Thursday so maybe they just forgot to lock up after I didn't show up on Wed. But still.

So for now I have a 30-day bus pass and a plan to use next month's gas money to buy a toy shelf for Bean's bedroom. He is just recently (after almost three months) beginning to enjoy playing in his room, and the past two nights slept almost the whole night in there! I think if I can grab the cube shelf I have coveted forever it will make the room even more enjoyable for him.

Seriously, Karissa


  1. What a pain on the car front! Sorry, that has to lead to some frustration. I remember when I thought that car insurance covered repairs, and I was SO rudely awakened when the car broke down! Good idea on the bus pass, too, by the way...


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