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Well no wonder

Just returned from  weekend jaunt to Capital City. I was going to drive but my little car (paid off) starting making a squeaky noise that I think might be the fan belt - it detaching itself was just one of the many car problems I suffered last summer, resulting in $1400+ in repairs. I really don't want a repeat of THAT this summer. As well it was reported to rain on Friday and one of wiper blades has come apart, resulting in a beautiful arc of a scratch on the windshield. I wish I had that checked as soon as I noticed something wrong, but I left it and now I will deal with it this week. In just a few days I will be taking the car to the Big City to have my snow tires removed so I will have to get it looked at very very soon.

So I bought a return Greyhound ticket, which set me back $118!! Taking my car would have cost less in gas but I just couldn't take the risk. I guess Greyhound has increased ticket prices to cover increased costs (fuel, salaries, benefits, etc) and decreased ridership. Well they say ridership is decreasing, but that bus I took was almost full each way. If ridership is decreasing, it's because of the cost of the ticket. That trip should not have cost me more than $100!!

My sweetheart covered all my expenses once I got there but still. I don't think I'll be able to afford to take that trip very often.



  1. Sweetheart? I'm missing some juicy news here. ;)

  2. Just a note, but if you buy tickets in advance (like 2 or 3 weeks), they're almost half off. Plus, i have totally bought tickets with random people at the bus station to get the companion fare.


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