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I called Master Card to check the status of my application for the new card. It was still pending, but the rep informed me that I had a deal on my current card for 0.99% for the next nine months. I decided on the spot to go for it, and now my diminishing debt is back on the MC for a little while. It changes my strategy of pooling all my resources into my easily-accessible LOC, and means I will have to be more diligent to put a large chunk onto the card rather than hoarding it in a savings account with fear.

However it will be nice to use my neglected savings account again. Hopefully I can keep some funds in there for once!



  1. You're pink like me now! I love it!

    And can I mention how you've inspired me to take a good hard look at my own spending? (And the shoes. The shoes have drastically reduced in number).

  2. I'm maybe a little too obsessed with debt reduction :)

    I'm still obsessed with shoes too, but now with the $250+ kind that fit my orthotics. I can't even think of shopping at Payless ever again :(

    As for the Pink, I was looking for purple, because it is B's fave colour. This is the closest I could get. I like it :)


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