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Axing the Amazon Associates Store

I was excited to learn that was going to send $15.61 to my chequing account for being a part of their Associates program. All I had to do to earn this was post a link on my sites and encourage people to click through my link to purchase their books and music. I have had the links up for over a year but it wasn't until this past xmas, when I started to harass my facebook friends, that I made the $15 and change.

I waited for the payment to arrive to my account, and in anticipation, sent $15 to a friend getting married who was selling stuff online to raise funds for her wedding. I sent it as a gift, not wanting anything in return. Meanwhile the $15.61 never arrived.

I began investigating over the past few days, using their online forms. I have to admit the responses were fast! First I was told that the payment had been returned by my bank, and to verify my bank information on my account page. I did this and let them know, and received a second response telling me that I had been given the wrong information, the payment had NOT been returned, and it had been processed by my bank on February 24. I was to contact my bank for more information. I did, of course, and of course the bank knew nothing of a payment from Amazon!

I let Amazon know, and the next thing they wanted me to do was fax them a VOID cheque so that they could investigate themselves. I didn't, because:
1) the bank is going to tell them what they told me;
2) I don't want my cheque going to an unfamiliar fax number;
3) this is turning into work, and it's not worth the time (since I would be faxing during work hours, I consider my time to be $20-25 an hour).

I informed Amazon that I am considering closing my Associates account. What's the point of promoting them if they are not going to send me the money they promised? It's more work for me to harass, I mean, remind my friends and family to use the link ... and I really have so many other things to do.

What would you do? Would you go through the hoops to get the $15 into your account? Or would you walk away, like I'm thinking of doing?