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Snow Tire Steal

I was driving myself and my son to the big city on the 23rd to begin our christmas festivities. It was cold and the roads were ok, but as I was driving on the highway I was thinking about my spectacular snow tires.

When I started this blog I had a "Car Fund" to save money for car repairs, oil changes and hopefully snow tires. Then I had over a thousand dollars worth of car repairs from which the car fund never recovered.

Back in September I was talking to a grad student where I work who is knowledgeable with all things car related. Thinking about my lack of savings and the pending cold season, I asked him if snow tires were really worth it. I had never had them before and was thinking maybe I could get through another winter without them. The grad student was adamant about the necessity of snow tires, and I decided to take his word for it.

A couple months later I get an email from the student, telling me that he found a set of snow tires for me at the wreckers, and would charge me only $100 for all four. I wrote him a cheque from my line of credit and gratefully let him load them into the trunk of my Ford. I got a free storage space for them in my boyfriend's parents' garage and eventually had the tires switched just before the first big snow fall.

At the tire place I asked the guys if it were necessary to buy rims for my snow tires, as my purchase were for only the tires. The guy at the tire place informed me that not only would new rims put me out of pocket at least $240, but by using the rims already on my car meant that they would be checked and rotated for safety. Switching the snow tires onto my existing rims cost about $40 more than having separate rims, but saving $200 sounded good to me.

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  1. Always nice to score a bargain! And congrats on the debt reduction. Best wishes for even more reduction in the next decade.


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