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Lost confidence

I am at war with Telus. I have been a faithful client for almost four years and have always paid my bill on time. I had one year left of my contract and due to some blundering at three different corporate stores I called customer service to complain and let them know that I WILL NOT be renewing my contract in 2010.

Of course they were willing to bend over backwards to keep me and I let myself be suckered into another three-year contract (oooh, shiny new phone!). Stupid me.

I really liked my old phone, and the kickass data plan we set up in 2007, but it's all gone now. I ended up with a crappy phone that never worked properly and returned it four days after purchase. It's now two and a half weeks later and I still don't have my new phone. Yet the $344 charge for phone and accessories is still sitting on my credit card account, waiting to be paid.

I hate Telus now. I am going to spend the next three years convincing everyone I know to switch to Rogers or Bell. Hopefully by 2012 (when my new contract ends) there will be a more reliable competitor to switch to.



  1. I am with TELUS and I love them. I have been with them for about 7 years give or take. And after my initial 3 year contract, I signed a one year and now I am not on any contract. I was also able to upgrade to a blackberry for free and I only pay around $70 a month for a wicked deal that includes unlimited browsing, unlimited texting and free incoming calls. Sorry that you lost your confidence, because they are a pretty decent phone company I think.


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