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Snowflaking Savings and Lumping Payments

I think I have come up with a strategy that works for paying off the debt as well as contributing a little to my savings.

The debt payment system seems a tad strange, but will make sense to people with OCD :) As soon as I receive an email statement I check to see how much interest was added for the month. I pay that amount immediately. This keeps the balance at a nice round number, to which I apply $50 or $100 payments throughout the month as I can afford them.

I was concerned that I wasn't padding my TFSA sufficiently, so I came up with a snowflaking plan that does not make me feel as though I am taking priority away from the debt repayments. What I have decided to do is snowflake the odd amounts from my pay, child tax credit, and GST. For instance, my GST rebate is $156.50 every three months, so I put $1.50 into the TFSA. I added up all the snowflake amounts year-to-date and just deposited $35.40 into my TFSA account. It isn't much but if I keep doing this each month it will add up.

I haven't posted a budget update in a while, because I'm ashamed to admit I have been going over in my Miscellaneous category. I even went so far as purchasing a new leather bag in the last couple of weeks and lately I've been looking a lot at shoes. I'm getting orthotics and orthopedic shoes made next week (the orthotics are definately covered by insurance, not sure about the shoes) and I've had strict instructions to no longer wear flats because of what they are doing to my posture and back.

Yesterday I tried on a pair of 3" heels and last night woke up with a major charley-horse in my right calf. Is this normal? I have never worn proper heels before. I always say coming of age in the 1990s spared me, because all I wore were Doc Martens and other types of boots!



  1. Hah! I'm looking at these pics of all these moms at BlogHer in their stiletto heels and I'm thinking, well it's a good thing I didn't go because I'd SO be in tennis shoes!
    I splurged a little this week in MISC, too. Shoes and a bag :)


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