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OUCH! Broken car hurts my EF!!

First of all, I always express gratitude for my life whenever my car breaks down at the side of the road. This time wasn't as serious as times past, but I still felt lucky to be alive.

Second, now that I'm facing a $600 repair bill, I feel like I should switch to public transit!

Luckily I had already pulled off the highway to grab a bite to eat, when I discovered my power steering was no longer powered. I called my dad and he predicted a broken fan belt ... I wasn't comfortable taking the car back onto the busy busy highway so I had my friend take over the wheel and get the car twenty minutes east to my mom's place. The next day I used my CAA Plus membership to access my free 200 km tow to a mechanic in my own town.

The mechanic is fixing the belt, as well as a leaky water pump and rusty coolant pipe, for just under $600. He said with my CAA membership I will get 3% back to apply towards my next round of annual membership fees, which are actually due next month.

I'm using my Mastercard to pay the mechanics bill and then transferring the funds out of my Emergency Fund to cover the MC bill. I don't know how long it is going to take me to re-pay the $600 to my EF.

EDIT: I'm thinking of tapping out my other savings account instead, which means we will have another frugal xmas this year.

As well I received a letter from the bank that issued two of my student loans back in the 1990s, and was informed that my Interest Relief status does not apply to one of the loans - the smallest one. I re-did the side bars to show this, and will be trying to come up with $100 a month for the next 35 months to pay that loan off.




  1. Lordy! Murphy seems to be hanging around everyone's house (or car!) these days. I feel your pain, my own vehicle having given up its water pump this summer. But the good news for you (as opposed to moi!) is that you DO have the money in savings.


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