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Car Fund account/ Increasing income

I have three savings accounts with PCF. I allocated one as "Car Fund," where I would save up funds for gas, maintenance (oil changes) and repairs, and optimistically a six-month chunk for the insurance company, so that I could get out of paying month-to-month - adding another $100 to my monthly income.

I just can't seem to keep more than $400 in that account, so I've deleted the tracking from my sidebar. Ideally I need at least $800 for my goal, more if I want to add snow tires to the roster.

I'm thinking again of getting a part-time job. I'm a Telus customer, and I was thinking of putting my resume in to the store at the big mall. The main setback is that I have only weekends to work, but there are occasional weekends that Bean's dad does not take him.

Also, if I make too much money my daycare subsidy decreases, increasing cost of daycare. This won't be an issue once Bean starts kindergarten in 2010. As well the student loan goons might not be as friendly to me if my income increases. I am currently on interest relief while I pay down my credit card/line of credit.

I have tried to bring in more income but selling my stuff on ebay, and Bean's stuff at the consignment shop, but the little bit it brings in does not justify the time spent getting it out there.

I'm spending more in my "Misc." category because it is summer and I have a lot of opportunities to socialize. I think once summer is over I will be able to go back to spending not much at all. I tend to hibernate when the days get shorter.



  1. I can definitely relate to the increased spending because of summer. Our food budget has been blown for the last couple of months. Too many tasty treats!

  2. Car insurance is a huge drain that people rarely think about when considering the costs of driving. We recently moved overseas and sold our cars, and the change in our cost of living has been surprising. If you can get that amount saved, it will definitely lead to good things in your budget! Good luck...

  3. I certainly feel you on the consignment/ebay topic. Last month I had two buyers back out (both international bidders) and the consignment store "lost" my bags of clothes. I am slightly suspicious about that one, there were some really good items in there that I know would have sold. The headaches and stress don't seem to be worth it sometimes!


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