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My blog needs a kick in the butt

I no longer have access to someone's wireless connection at home, and I've been WAY too busy at work to blog from there.

And I have lost my focus. I have to remember why I started this blog in the first place.

Before I started here I enjoyed reading three kinds of blogs: self-help, single moms, and personal finance. The plethora of these blogs got me through some seriously dark days and some really lonely weekends.

When I found myself ready and willing to start posting my own, I wanted to come up with a combination of the three. With a fourth element, the Canadian bias.

Mostly, I was tired of trying to find inspiration in PF blogs written by one half of a couple. I don't have a problem with couples, but I can't tell you how many told me in their blogs, "WE paid off a $20 000 debt in just TWO years!"

I'm on my own here, and no one is going to help me pay off my debt. As well I can't work more for extra income because I'm a single mom to a three-year-old. I have enough guilt in me for putting him in daycare at ten months old.

I'm fortunate that I have help in the way of childcare subsidy, child support (not court-mandated) and student loan interest relief. Also I keep our expenses as low as I possibly can with the help of amazing hand-me-down clothes from an aunt of Bean's dad. I don't buy many snacks or take-out foods, and I use the community food box program to supplement the grocery bills.

I feel like I'm losing focus. I'm tired. I'm paying off the $20 000 debt one month at a time and trying my best most of the time. Sometimes I want to say "f&*k it" and run away.

I need to keep my attitude of gratitude in check, because at the end of the day that's what gets me through the night.



  1. keep your chin up. I am going through something familiar right now, where I don't feel like I am getting ahead and just want to quit. Hope you have a nice weekend.

  2. Hi Karissa :) I know what you mean about losing focus, some months I feel almost obssesed with debt reduction, other times I just can't seem to get it together at all.
    You are making good progress though, the LOC debt is getting down nicely.

  3. Hey Karissa, I know life gets hard. I just wanted to say, keep your head up! I know easier said than done. Good luck to you and Bean. Do you have a local library with free Internet connections? I have used them in the past when my computer went down or when I tried to cut that bill to save money. My blog by the way is partly about getting rid of debt---which isnt moving down any! I just noticed you have my blog on your blogroll. Thanks for that and .. what else can we do, but stick to it(or should we both just walk away--lol---I have thought about many times recently!

  4. Anonymous10:23 PM

    Sometimes it gets frustrating when you are fighting a battle as monumental as the one which you are up against, but don't lose hope. You WILL accomplish your goal of eliminating that debt so long as you stick to it. Don't give up, no matter how challenging things get. When it is all said and done you will smile at your accomplishments and you won't remember the struggles so much as the victory.

  5. Anonymous11:11 PM

    Hey - keep going. Don't give up. I admire what you are taking on it's so much more than most people. A lot of us are MUCH older when we figure out we are going to DIE before our debts are paid.

  6. I hear ya. It's hard doing it all alone. I agree with you sometimes I read about these couples and I WANT TO SCREAM.

    You do what you can do and keep working on it~

  7. Keep your head up, you can do it.

    Coming from one half of a couple...sure there may be two incomes to pay it down, but most of us have twice the amount of debt because there are two people accumulating it.
    I'm not trying to down play your efforts at all, if fact, I have to commend you for all that you have done so far, but it's not always the case that the grass is greener on the other side. My hubby brought almost $23k in debt to our marriage, which was more than double what I had been busting my butt to pay down on my own.

    Keep your chin up, you can do it!!!

  8. You and I need partners--not for the sex or the affection or the companionship, though those might be nice, but for the EXTRA INCOME!!! (This assumes that said partner would be fun to be around and would be EMPLOYED and wouldn't mind paying MY bills!) Trust me, I do feel your pain. Yes, it's going to take us longer, and yes, from time to time, we will both feel like giving up on ever being debt-free. But that said, I do believe we are both on the right track. And you've got so many more years than I do, once you achieve debt-free status.

  9. I'm part of a couple but I'm responsible for 80% of the income so often it feels like it is just me. Getting out of debt is tough, but not as tough as being a single mom. I think you are doing a great job at both.

  10. Just think how good it's gonna feel when the sucker is paid down and you did it all by yourself. What an accomplishment. Don't give up.


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