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A Frugal Holiday

Grace mentioned me in her blog last week, while talking about debt burnout and the need to take a holiday from frugal fretting for a day or so.

I had been thinking of taking a day off from laundry and brooding to spend a day in the big city with good friends and nice weather, and Grace's mention gave me the kick in the butt I needed to just go and do it. I spent about $100 in total for my day of silliness in the city. That included 24-hour parking, some drinks, and cab fare. I also got a much-needed haircut and bought a couple of things for my kitchen that I had been eyeing up for awhile. My partner-in-crime for the day covered meals and some drinks, which was a nice treat.

It's a busy week for me, with our final program meeting until September scheduled for tomorrow, a lunch planned for Wednesday for a friend and co-worker who is going on maternity leave in only a few days, and then on Thursday it is Bean's third birthday!

Today I must get to the store to find a cake mix because I want to bake two dozen cupcakes for his daycare friends. I have not baked cupcakes since eighth grade, so I hope they turn out well. Cupcakes can't be that difficult, can they? Any pointers or suggestions to make this project as sweet as can be?



  1. Don't worry, cupcakes are easy. Just follow the directions on the box! Happy Birthday to Bean!

    Glad you had a fun break in the city!

  2. Anonymous8:36 PM

    Not a baker here, but it can't be too tough! Glad you got a chance to have some fun.


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