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Victory day in a money kind of way

I finally heard back from my health insurance people and tomorrow there will be a little cash injection of $53.25 in my bank account, after a couple of months, a couple of phone calls, a letter that apparently never got there, a fax sent (luckily I kept scanned copies before I mailed the letter), another phone call, and today's message with an apology. I felt important. Of course the money will go straight to my LOC.

As well I stopped by my old place where my friend who bought the house was holding some mail for me. It turned out to be a support cheque that I thought had gone missing/ was never sent a few weeks back. It was a good feeling tucking that cheque into my bag, and I'll deposit it later in the week so that I can buy a box of diapers for Bean's bedtime.

He wears pull-ups during the day and I think we have enough to get through at least another week. Some evenings after daycare I try "big boy" underwear and plastic pants (Bummi super whispers - they're amazing) but he always always pees or poos in them. He's not ready yet, but we keep trying.

Normally this is the week where nothing goes on financially for me: nothing comes in or goes out by way of bill payments. From a PF POV, it's a boring week, enough to almost make me want to shop. Having these two payments coming in invigorates me and makes me want to get back to my spreadsheet and sidebars.

Oh the excitement. Can you feel it? :D