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Spiritual handbags

It is 6:30 am, still dark out. Not a sound except a few brave morning birds singing in anticipation of spring. Stealthily I make my way into the living room to my laptop computer, eager to have a half hour or so to myself to check my email and blog, and to play with my budget spreadsheet.

I find myself on a site called, looking at my favourite line of purses. I click through the site's recommendations, just for me, and tempted by the one-day only sale, feel my brain click into purchasing mode. They take the paypal, so I don't have to move to find my wallet and credit card.

I have a moment where I think, "I could be using this quiet time to stretch and meditate and contemplate on being human ..." as I click back and forth between the red bag, the olive bag, and the standard black.

I'm about to make a decision when I hear the stomping of little feet, and my son comes running in, upset that I am not in bed with him. I tell him to go back to bed, looking longingly at my online selection, but he won't go without me.

So I force myself to get off the couch and follow him into the bedroom. I was saved by the Bean.



  1. Anonymous12:11 PM

    Good for you! Way to resist. I am being oh so bad with my tax return having come in. I did put about 90% into savings, though!

  2. Anonymous3:15 PM

    I loved that story, so cute!!

    Good for you, and the little guy ;)

  3. Hi... Frugal Hen without a Rooster here... Bettyann........thanks for reading my Blog.

    Yay.. your son saved you.

    Have you read The Complete Tightwad Gazette.. she was amazing in saving to buy the house of her dreams. She says it is not about deprivation but using your money for a goal.. (like paying off the 20,000.00....great goal).

    I like your blog.

    Betty Ann


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