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Maybe I'll just stay where I am for now

Yesterday I listed off a bunch of things I am interested in that, with some more education, could turn into career goals. Fabulously Broke asked me how would I decide between them, maybe a pros/cons list?

Research and a pros/cons list are definately a good idea. I used to be fanatical about making lists: my portable notebook (the old school lined paper kind) used to have pages of Plan A to G, until I realized I was just procrastinating and living in a dreamworld of the future rather than enjoying (or not) the present moment.

I checked my student record online the other day, and saw that back in 2001 I had requested transcripts be sent to a community college in the city where I grew up. I forgot that at that time I was struggling with life decisions, and was thinking of returning "home" to earn a post-grad certificate in either radio broadcasting or international project management (yes FB, I was thinking that maybe someday I could combine the two :)).

I worked at the university radio station for over three years and found it so rewarding. I don't know when or why I abandoned the idea of a career in broadcasting, but I'm sure it had a lot to do with self-esteem issues.

So, I'll add radio broadcasting to yesterday's list of things I want to do with my life. I also have to add teacher's college, because we have one now at the university and it is definately an option. The only problem is that part-time teacher's studies takes place during the evening and on weekends, and I have my son each evening and some weekends. He is in daycare every day so I don't feel comfortable leaving him with yet another non-mommy at night.

However, I would love to take courses in the primary stream, so that I can help Bean with school when he gets there. I could also put myself on the supply teacher roster if I get to feeling particularly masochistic.

Yep, lots of options. Too many choices can be as overwhelming as none, so I'm fortunate that for now I can just stay put and continue working in an office and not have to make any other decisions.



  1. I wish I could say that I have it all figured out but I don't. At this stage in my life I would hope I'm at least getting close though!

    Sometimes things just have a way of falling into place and NOTHING ever goes according to the plan.

  2. Anonymous9:27 PM

    I have always been really interested in radio broadcasting. I think I have a voice that might be so annoying people love it. Or hate it.

    It's great to have a dream, right?


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