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February spending

My "projected budget" gives me $1503.00 for daily and monthly expenses, not including any debt payments or savings. Those categories require an additional $784, ideally.

In February I spent $1516.61 on rent, food, car (gas and insurance), phone, RESP and life insurance. Oh yes, and my "miscellaneous" category, in which I grossly overspent by $170.23. However I underspent on food by a scary $113.32.

I decided about two weeks in to not food shop until I absolutely had to, forcing myself to get creative with what I did have in the fridge, freezer and cupboards. I had a lot more food than I realized. Plus there were a couple of nights where I was feeling not so well and Bean was happy to eat cereal and boiled eggs for supper.

We start March with quite a bit of food still in the kitchen, which is a good feeling. In fact, I picked up a produce box last week from the community food program and have yet to do anything with it. Better get on that before it all wilts.

Goal for March: stop waffling and start meal planning. I wish I weren't such a dunce in the kitchen.

End of Feb budget: $97.16 remaining
LOC down $1042.50
CC down $53
Slush Fund down $200
EF remains the same



  1. We have an unbelievable amount of food. I have a small chest freezer in addition to the regular fridge/freezer in the house. All are full. I hope your budgeting goes great for the coming month, I think I need to adjust mine.

  2. Thats weird - I thought I had added you. You're on now!

  3. Hi your blog is fascinating. It's good to see someone take life by the horns and try and deal with it in a responsible way...

    I found you quite at random by engaging in a 6 degrees of separation blog hop where you google a blog at random using randomly chosen search terms, then navigate through the comments on and on via contacts and connexions in commments or "followers" or blogroll links if comments aren't available until FINALLY (this feels like it never will happen, but it does, I promise you) you FIND SOMEONE YOU KNOW, which feels like the most amazing thing, considering there are 70 million or more blogs and more than that people but you do indeed find your online buddies this way ... not to mention (and this is the real point of it) charting some fascinating waters along the way...


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