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A resilient five-dollar bill

I hear a lot about everyone's No Spend Days (NSDs), and it isn't something that I planned in my 2009 goals, but ideally it is something I aspire to achieve.

I incidentally experienced a non-planned NSD on Monday, when I drove PAST the Tim Horton's and went home for a cup of coffee. Completely unplanned and on a whim. I had only a five-dollar bill in my pocket and wanted to make it last as long as possible (all week, ideally) so I was impulsively inspired to go home and make a pot of vanilla-flavoured coffee. I was going home anyways, so why not?

I was well on my way to another NSD on Tuesday, until my gas gauge announced the lack of fuel in my Ford, so I made a pit stop at the gas station down the street from the uni. Gas was at 75 cents, which seems high after a couple of weeks of 68 cents, so I didn't want to fill up just in case the price went down again. I used my debit card to purchase ten dollars worth.

On a side note: there used to be three gas stations on the way in to school and I preferred stopping at the full-serve because my son is usually with me and it's most convenient. Recently, two of the stations closed, including the full-serve one. Boo-urns. The only station left does not even have pay at the pump, so I have to time my pit stops for when my son is not in the car, because it is so much effort to have to unstrap him, bring him in, fight with him to not touch anything, pay, and leave without leaving my wallet - or my son - behind. I asked the proprietor if he ever planned on installing pay-at-the-pump pumps and he told me it was just too expensive.

On Wednesday I finally broke my five dollar bill because I didn't make coffee before I left for work. I didn't even bring my travel mug with me. This happens sometimes. It's a lot of work to get out of the house each morning with an almost-three-year-old (but I'm not blaming him).

Thursday I remembered my travel mug and remembered to fill it with coffee, but I forgot to bring my lunch, so I went home early to eat my homemade turkey and lentil alphabet soup. Still had $2.55 burning a hole in my change purse!

Karissa Dee


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