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Pi$$*d off and ranty

I have been waiting what seems like weeks and weeks for my expense claim reimbursement to come in from the health insurance company my employer chose to do business with. I checked my account online yesterday and found out that I am being reimbursed for less than half of what I claimed.

Two reasons:
1) Rather than having a $50 family deductible (which is what I was told would happen) they have decided to have a $25 per person deductible. Since Bean's prescriptions for 2008 just went over the $25 mark, we are not getting the full refund for his most recent prescription.

2) They have been reimbursing my chiropractic appointments as naturopathic appointments, because my chiropractor is also my naturopath, however she has two separate files for my appointments and has clearly been issuing receipts for my chiropractic file. The insurance people neglected to notice/did not care and put it all towards naturopathy, which has a way lower allotment than chiropractic. They told me that I went over the $300 that I am allowed to claim for naturopathy, but most of the charges were supposed to go against the $500 I am allowed to claim for chiropractic. Extremely frustrating (sorry to the dude on the phone who had to put up with me - I'm sure he had a nice name for me when I hung up on him).

It's apparent that I am going to have to watch my claims much more closely!

Similarly, I use the same insurance company for our life insurance, although I set the policies up on my own and separate from my employer's policies. I emailed the agent I had dealt with to give her my new mailing address, and have not heard back. I tried to change my info online but the site wouldn't let me. Grrr ...

Karissa Dee


  1. Oh wow, how frustrating. I hate it when big companies make things that should be easy extraordinarily difficult.

  2. That is so aggravating! Are they able to fix it for you? As bad as it sounds, I've heard the more fuss you put up, the more likely they won't just blow you off. Good luck with it!

  3. I had to get a letter from my chiropractor outlining exactly which appointments were ND and which were chiro. I called the company again and after apologizing asked them what else I can send to get my full refund. I had to print off each claim from the website and send them in with the letter.

    And after emailing my life insurance agent a second time she responded.


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