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Payday and a new goal

One of my goals for 2009 is to save at least $2000 and take 10% of it to make a donation to one or two charities. This is my variation on titheing. I have my mind on Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto.

Last night I decided that I needed something to be excited about sooner, so today I am going to take $25* from my paycheque and donate it to It's not really a donation, it's actually a loan negotiated through a microfinance NGO in a developing country to an individual who will invest it in a self-employment venture. Examples are a woman who will buy produce for resale in a village market, a man who will open a small mechanical shop, or a woman who will put it towards her textile business.

Kiva - loans that change lives

I feel so fortunate to have been born in a developed country, to have my education and my union job at the university. Some of the big financial advisors may tell me that I should put my $25 towards debt reduction, but some of them also say that we need small rewards for incentive. My contribution to the improvement of another's livelihood is a great reward, and greatly motivating.

*actually the amount came to $31.36 CDN with the exchange rate

Karissa Dee


  1. I gave gifts of Kiva several years ago to my parents, I don't think they actually followed through with the loans. My parents aren't that charitable and I was hoping this would encourage them to think about it more. I think Kiva is a neat concept, $25 doesn't go far in the western world but can change the life of someone in a poor country.

  2. Kive is also one of my favourite causes. It empowers people. I also support Sick Kids. They saved my sister's life when she was 8. The work they do is amazing. (sorry if this is a duplicate comment - my computer kicked me out the first time I tried to submit it :-))

  3. What a lovely idea. $25 would be OK in terms of debt reduction, but completely wonderful as a loan/donation to KIVA. I think you did the right thing, and it's a pretty cheap way to feel good.


  5. I like the idea of donating to a local charity.. for me, it's always the Canadian Cancer Society .. but Toronto Sick Kids is a good one. I should focus on that this year.

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    "Just a girl trying to find a balance between being a Shopaholic and a Saver."

  6. This is the kind of thing that leads to a future changed for the better, and you can feel great about that. Yeah, you could stash that amount into an annuity or something, but making a difference in someone else's life is every bit as important, and you have the wherewithal to do it. Congrats on a fine and very worthwhile choice!


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