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Monday musings

I earned a little bit of money selling some cloth diapers on Friday and decided to drive to the big city on Saturday morning to visit some friends I haven't seen for a long long while. I had eighty dollars in cash burning a hole in my wallet and I managed to come home with twenty-five remaining.

The first thing I did after dropping off my son at his dad's was head to an ATM that accepts my card without a fee. I had over two hundred dollars in my chequing account and I didn't want to have ANY temptations so I put one hundred of it onto my line of credit. I had to leave the rest in there because my car insurance ($96) is due and electronic banking is so sneaky about when they are going to actually remove it from my account.

I headed downtown to meet one of my friends, who is a student and is also trying to live frugally. We went to a couple of art galleries for free and after meeting up with another friend, went up to the grocery store to buy dinner supplies. Admittedly, we cheated by going to a fast food restaurant first, because we knew that we aren't supposed to food-shop while hungry. My student friend loaded up on her groceries because she doesn't have a car and I told her to take advantage of mine while it's there.

We spent a chilly, snowy evening at her place, drinking lightly and eating our grocery store snacks. Great conversations and lotsa love. We decided not to brave the elements and go out, which saved us a bunch of money.

On Sunday I met up with another dear friend and instead of meeting in a coffee shop we went up to her place and made coffee she had recently brought back from Cuba. More love and conversation.

I didn't make it to church but I certainly felt high spirits from being able to catch up with my best girl friends.

After I picked up my son and drove back to our town (his dad coming with us for company) I insisted we stop for more fast food because I was feeling faint with hunger, and stressed from the horrible driving conditions. I picked up the twenty dollar tab because it was my idea, and also because I had spent only thirty five during my excursion to the big city - I think I broke a record for that. Also Bean's dad had to buy a bus ticket to get back home so I thought it would be nice to treat him to something to eat to say thanks for accompanying us on such a treacherous drive home.

So I returned too late to post my Sunday gratitude list but I will say that I am extremely grateful for my friends, and for getting home safely during a quite snowy and windy drive out of the big city and into the little one in which we live. Next winter I will be grateful for snow tires, after I save up to buy them.

Karissa Dee


  1. I'm glad you had such a great weekend. We all need those, from time to time.


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