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Interest burns

Last week I transferred the balance of my 11.5% VISA to my 7% Line of Credit. I checked the statement of the LOC from the month before to double-check that the period ended on the 28th before I went ahead and arranged it through telephone banking.

Today when I got into work I checked the LOC balance online and found that the period ended on the 31st after all, and because I made the transfer on the 30th, I was charged $1.47 interest! It makes me burn a little, because that's one whole coffee I might not purchase this week.

I'm tempted to call the bank to find out what happened, but I don't think I want to make a big deal about less than $1.50.


  1. The point is not to make a big deal of some $1.50, but to make a big deal about $1.50 which belongs to you. That is your money that you earned in not so easy way. If you owe them not $1.50, only $0.50, they would for sure call you xxxx times to get that money from you...I would make a phone call. After all it's ur money! :) And that is one cup of coffee that you enjoy, isn't it?:)

    Good luck!


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