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How to balance life and work - part one

The following list is from the Holistic Health and Education Centre that I mentioned the other day. There is no author on the handout, and I am merely transmitting the information, not taking credit. If you would like more information on the Centre and the people who look after it, please email me at karissadee at debtfreekid dot com.

1 - Find your passion and live it each day: do what you love and love what you do. Work to live NOT live to work.

2 - Start having a family night: modify work schedules, set aside other demands and spend the evening together. The family night concept works. Children need their parents' attention and guidance, and parents will benefit from positive interactions.

3 - Eat together: eat at least one meal a day together.

4 - Find a family-friendly workplace: some workplaces recognize that their employees are real people with real needs - that they are 'humans' not just 'human resources.' Identify and select an employer that will be friendly to your family commitments.

5 - Simplify your life: life tends to get pretty complex, especially for parents trying to balance so many demands. Simplify your life and try to make more time for the things that are really important to you.

Karissa Dee


  1. This is great advice. I especially enjoy dinners with my kids. They're only with me half time, so I really cherish those moments.


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