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Happy 2009!!

We made it, we are in the new place, and we love it! It is bright and cheery and so far very quiet.

Bean and I had his daddy and uncle over last night for new year's eve. We made a spaghetti dinner with salad and garlic bread. I bought ginger ale for the big countdown, and missed it! I put Bean to bed late - around 10 pm - and fell asleep with him, as I always do, and when I woke up it was just past midnight. The big boys didn't even notice because they were watching a DVD.

I have been very conscious of compound spending ever since Money Minder posted on the subject last month. My main motivation for moving from the two-bedroom house to the one-bedroom apartment is to be able to afford to make large payments on my credit card and line of credit, with the goal of reducing it by half this year (ambitious, I know, but still worth a try). However, moving can be expensive and not only that, but it is easy to have some 'needs' associated with the new place.

For example, I am sleeping on a futon in the living room, and I would really like to replace the mattress. That could cost two to three hundred dollars if I am not careful. Another example is shelving: I had two bathrooms in the last place with plenty of shelving, as well as a few more cupboards in the kitchen. After unpacking a few boxes I began to think that I 'needed' to get out to the store to buy some shelving to put up in the new kitchen and bathroom. I had to laugh to myself as I realized that I now have four closets, where I previously had NONE, and with some organization could use the shelving in the closets to store my stuff, particularly the huge linen closet, which now holds all my bathroom goodies (and towels, and boxes of personal items that always move with me).

Now, I am wishing for a unit for the living room that will replace my current arrangement, but I am willing to save up for it month by month, and during that time investigate the shops around the city in which I live, rather than drive to the big city to buy this (or, gasp, PAY to have it delivered):

The move went really well thanks to my great friends who came out to help, and the whole thing cost me about $100. I have already paid the final gas bill and will pay the final hydro bill tomorrow. I am so relieved that I now have only rent to pay, and not any utilities bills to fear throughout the month as the new place is all-inclusive. My budget is set for the next few months, and I am in the midst of organizing my goals. I will post about them in the next few days.


  1. It's amazing what we can recycle when we really want to! Enjoy your new home and 2009!

  2. A new year and a new start - I hope you and Bean are happy in your new home

  3. To tell the truth I hate beds and mattresses now. I sleep on a thick kind of mattress top (like in Japan) on the floor.

    Absolutely does wonders for my back, is super cheap, easy to roll up, easy to pack to move and I don't get scared of rolling off the bed :P

    Fabulously Broke in the City
    Just a girl trying to find a balance between being a Shopaholic and a Saver...


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