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I got caught up in organizing my kitchen while listening to a panel discussing Gaza/Israel on CBC-Radio this morning and didn't make it to church.

Which makes it especially more important to, but especially more difficult to, dig deep into my spirit and find things for which to be grateful. Especially after a quite difficult and emotionally-charged week.

Here goes:

1) To the person in the 'hood with the wireless modem who enables my online addiction, and for losing the connection last night and this morning so I could get other things done :) If you can see this, thank you.

2) To honesty and integrity, may you always be a big part of my life.

3) To my Higher Power, whom I sometimes call God: thanks for showing me the right path in the most opportune and creative ways. Even though I can't hold you at night I am looking for you always.

Karissa Dee