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Debt Free Kid

Some things take me a long time to accomplish, and some things just seem to happen. Like this blog, for example. It was less than two months ago during another sleepness night that I remembered registering a Blogger back in 2005. Because I had been reading PF blogs for almost a year, working on my budget, and planning to move to save money, I suddenly felt inspired to write about it myself. Before that night I had moments of inspiration but couldn't find a space to put them.

And here we are. I knew that in order to fully commit myself to this personal project I would have to invest some of myself into it. I'm new, and I need practice, and a lot of motivation. I decided a couple of weeks ago that I would find a domain name of my own to help me develop and inspire me to keep going.

The name came to me today: Debt Free Kid. I wanted to keep my username in there somewhere, and thought about re-naming my blog KDdebtfree or DebtfreeKD. I slipped the 'i' in there to make it more palatable, and also to keep me reminded of my primary motivation in my real life: my almost-three-year-old son.

We are all born debt free. We don't owe anybody anything. As we grow up we are allowed to make mistakes, and that's ok as long as we learn from them. My son Bean doesn't owe anyone anything, and it is my duty to make sure that if anything happens to me that he does not end up having to pay for my mistakes. I have been getting my finances and personal life in order for his sake, and mine.

I'm still a kid at this. Maybe I always will be. That's ok with me. I love to learn and I love to grow. If you've been following my journey thus far I thank you for your time and interest, and if you've decided to stick around and see what happens, I am deeply grateful.

Happy Friday!

Karissa Dee


  1. Cool domain name! Now you are a property owner - you own a piece of real estate along the information highway.

  2. Everyone makes one or more mistakes in our lifetime. That's why we live and learn not to make the same mistake over again...

    Being a kid sometimes is a wonderful feeling :)

    I'm sticking to this blog. I really enjoy readin your blog! :)

    Have a great Weekend :)


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