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Clutter Demon

Bag Lady

I came up with a new way (for me) to de-clutter and get rid of my plastic bag collection at the same time. I can't believe I brought so many bags with me from the house!

I usually donate the regular shopping bags to my son's daycare for re-use. I have another bag of bags that are large and extra-large and they never seem to go away.

My new plan is to take a bag each week and fill it up - even halfway - with clothes and other things I no longer need.

Last weekend I managed to toss two pairs of jeans from my too-skinny days, as well as some of Bean's things that I already suspect the consignment store will refuse.

Letting Go

I have such a hard time letting go of my stuff. Purge # 1 in 2005 was the easiest because I was moving overseas and didn't plan on coming back. I miss a few things but on the whole I was happy to let go. Purge # 2 was this summer, and it was more difficult. I missed stuff immediately. A couple of times I thought of going to the donation place where some of it ended up and seeing if I could bring some of it home. I didn't though.

Yesterday I drove past a girl on her way to school, and I'm sure she was wearing one of the bags I brought back from Thailand. I wanted to pull over and ask her where she got it and if the inside pocket zipper was broken. It was weird. I kept driving and consoled myself by recognizing that she was probably no more than twelve years old, and why would a thirtysomething mom like me want a bag that is worn by a pre-teen? I have to grow up sometime, why not now?

Karissa Dee


  1. Fashion knows no age :)

    As for purging, it'll feel really great when you're all done. I can't wait to do the same to my stuff when I get back

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