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Chore Charts for Kids

It's time to get serious around our house. Bean is at that age where too many things are becoming a struggle, and I have to get a handle on it. I have been trying to bribe him with a cookie to use the potty and it's worked only twice this week. Never mind brushing his teeth. When he refused to eat his supper last night, I realized I would have to change my efforts.

I googled 'childrens charts' and came up with this link and this one. I wanted to share.

I'm going to take a better look at them tomorrow, and hopefully find the one that works for us. Maybe stickers will work better than cookies.

Karissa Dee


  1. I tend to think that the terrible twos start when they're 18 months and last until they're four.

  2. Do you live near a Chuck E Cheese? You can print reward charts from their website and when Bean has checked all the boxes he gets to hand it in for 10 free tokens.

    I buy tokens when they are BOGO and keep them at home so when we have a playdate there it's already paid for. They don't care if you don't buy any food while you are there. We even bring our own drinks. Some of my friends bring their own food.

    My kids love their charts.

  3. I loved Chuck E. Cheese's when I was young. I have saved a couple of the charts. Thanks for the resource!

  4. One other thing that we were reluctant to try, but that leads to great results with our 3 year old, is the skills taught by "Love and Logic." They have given us some form of insurance that we can communicate with her, allow her choices, and also still rely on her to behave appropriately (most of the time, anyway!). I think the guy who came up with it is Jim Fay or Fey, something like that. Anyway, good stuff. Good luck! The terrible twos aren't forever...

  5. Just a question do these chore charts work for husbands?


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