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Appeasing my picky eater

This week, after being presented with a pretty good homemade shepherd's pie (if I do say so myself), my son declared that "only snacks are good." He turned his nose up after one bite of the mashed potato, ground beef, cream of mushroom soup, and his favourite frozen veggies concoction and ate only a banana, a handful of cashews, dried pineapple, raisins and a few dried apricots. He asked a couple of times for "eggies" but I didn't have any prepared his favourite way: hard-boiled with the yolks removed.

I'm here to ask all the mamas (and dads, if any are reading) for any and all suggestions for healthy and affordable snacks to appease my son's picky appetite. I'm lucky (so far) that he enjoys raw veggies and fruits, dried fruits and nuts and rice cakes. I'm trying to keep the dairy foods to a minimum, because it creates a surplus of mucous that leads to ear infections.

I get into food ruts, which is why I haven't yet been able to stick to a meal plan. I didn't grow up in a food-friendly environment, and I am loathe to pass my aversions on to my son. I don't know why he won't eat his supper anymore. I think it's a control issue. Nevertheless, your suggestions will be very very much appreciated.

This is a pic of the produce we received from the community food program this week. A whole lotta goodness for a subsidized six dollars! Note that the potatoes are locally grown, and still covered in dirt. I like that! There is also a cartload of beets ... any ideas for beets?

Karissa Dee


  1. Kids are funny! My son will eat anything yellow - even if he doesn't like it because yellow is his favourite colour.

    My son is a carnivore by nature - I struggle with fruit and veg. If I ask him to help me cook, he is proud of the meal "he made" so he will eat it even if it does have veggies. I got him one of those kid food choppers (keeps fingers safe) and he chops veg for me.

    My daughter is the opposite - she eats only fruit, veg and dairy - she doesn't like meat. I give her beans eggs and nuts for protein (and fish once a week - she loves fish)

  2. When my son was small he was picky.
    I found that if I just kept apples and oatmeal on hand, he would eat them in a crunch. His grandma use to say he would starve to death. He is 21 and still is a meat an potatoe kind of guy, but he is 6 foot tall and in good health.
    So just do what you have been doing and relax.
    I use to run broccoli or carrots in the food processor then dump them in spaghetti sauce. He still doesn't know he ate broccoli.


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