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Sunday gratitude list

It's Sunday, and I'm skipping services to drive about an hour and a half to visit a dear friend and her family. I'm nervous about driving on the highway without snow tires, but the sun is shining and my mp3 player is loaded and ready to play. All I need is a bite to eat and a coffee and I'm good to go!

Today I am grateful for:
1) my beautiful son, who picked me to be his Mama and came into my life at the perfect time
2) my family: Dad who tries so hard to help me out, my sister cheers me on, Mom who makes me think, and Gramma who supports me no matter what, my brother who always lends an ear and my nephew for being awesome.
3) down time! Now that my course (and degree) is complete, I have my weekends to myself again. There are so many things on my list to finish, and start. I'm grateful that my life is one that affords me quite a bit of leisure. I will do my best to use this time wisely.

Happy Sunday!


  1. Just wanted to say Hi! and to congratulate you on a job well done as a mother and a new graduate!

    Plus you have a great group of people who love and support you.

    Good luck getting ready for your move!


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