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If I only had a house

I just got off the phone with the real estate agent. I guess when I gave my sixty days notice on the rental house, my landlords searched their souls and decided they just didn't want to try to find another reliable tenant. Apparently they've had some real characters rent this house before I came along (not that I'm not a character, but I'm a pay-rent-on-time-and-don't-wreck-the-property character).

A very small part of me wishes I could buy this house, as I'm sure it won't be too expensive, but even if I did qualify for a mortgage I don't know if I could keep up with all the payments. Plus I'd be responsible for all sorts of other fees, including property taxes, and if anything went wrong I'd have no one to call on to get it fixed, at their expense. Nope, looks like I'm going to stick with my plan to move into the one-bedroom apartment and get the consumer debt paid off in two years. Then I can begin saving for a house and all the extras that go along with being a property owner.

In the summer of 2007 I went a little house-crazy. I was renting a really horrible apartment and just desperate to own my own place. I didn't know how I would do it, but I was sure that my good credit had to be good for something. I thought if I found the right banker they'd be able to suggest a good plan for getting my own house, quick. Instead I was told that my debt-to-income ratio was pretty dismal, and that even though I never miss a payment I was still considered a bad risk, and that I should return and talk to them when I had a full-time job. I tried again with a credit union a few months ago, this time to get a debt consolidation loan, and was told the same thing.

So, one-bedroom apartment, here we come. Only 20 days until Moving Day.


  1. I think it's a hard decision, but a smart one. It takes a real person to be able to have been able to write that.

    I'm also glad to see that you recognize that there are a ton of fees that come with owning a house, including maintenance etc.. all of that is included in your rent price (supposedly)

    And when you finally get your dream of owning a house, it'll feel even sweeter.


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