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The great gift card cop-out

This is not the first year that we are exchanging gift cards as gifts. While I try not to let it bother me too much, I can't help but think of how ridiculous it is.

My Mom wants a gift card for Future Shop.
My sister wants a gift card for La Senza.
My nephew wants a gift card for Stitches.
My Gramma wants a gift card for Chapters.
And myself, begrudgingly after some badgering, agreed to a gift card to any grocery store that sells President's Choice.

Call me Scrooge, but I just don't understand the exchange of gift cards. There is absolutely no thought involved in this purchase. I don't see why we can't save our money and spend it on ourselves. I know what I want and need, so why don't I just get my own stuff? Or better yet, why can't I save my money and put it towards my debt?

The image of it makes me cringe: we all get together, and exchange gift cards. No surprise, because we already know what we're getting.

Maybe it would be better if we all lived in the same city and could go shopping together. Then we could help each other with our shopping and show off our purchases over dinner at the food court. My Mom's flat screen, my Gramma's books, my nephew's clothes, my sister's lingerie, my groceries ... ?

This image replaces the cringe-worthy with one that makes me L.O.L. But I have a strange sense of humour.

I asked for a grocery store gift card because my 2009 budget allows only $200 a month for food for Bean and myself. I thought the card would come in handy if there is a month where I end up going over that amount.

So, what I can do then is keep the spirit of christmas going all year round. Each time I buy something with my gift card I can keep the packaging to show my Mom, or I can take a picture of it, edit a nice christmasy frame around it, and email it to my Mom, so she can see what nice things she got me for christmas 2008.


  1. You're right. What's the point? Just get together to eat and celebrate then and everyone just keep their cash :)

  2. This year I'm not spending foolish amounts of money for gifts. My parents are getting a tin of homemade fudge and DD's making a blueberry pie in culinary tech tomorrow that she'll give them. Her other grands will get a card and her school picture and a little note of how things are. I do like the gift card for groceries. My sister sent us one 2 years ago and cut out pictures of specialty items and told us that was what they were for, treats we don't normally buy... It was great!

  3. I agree with you. I have the same issue with Christmas lists.


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