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The great big house sale

Well, the house is sold, and I'm here for two more days trying to get everything organized for the move on the 29th. These are the REAL boxing days for me. I wanted to get out today to pick up some more empty boxes - the ones from the liquor store are the best - but it's pouring rain and I prefer to putter around the house amongst my clutter. Putter with my clutter, ha. I heard thunder about an hour ago, which is just crazy for this time of year.

I wanted to post the figures that the real estate agent was using to sell the house. This stuff blew my mind really. Her calculations said that a 20% down payment would generate a mortgage payment of $560 a month. How incredibly inexpensive. I was paying $900 a month for rent, but like I mentioned before, I didn't have to pay property taxes or any maintenance costs. However I did have to spend a lot of my time looking after the lot: mowing the 200 foot lawn in the backyard, and shoveling the ice/snow at the end of the driveway. I will not miss having to do that.

Anyways, here's the chart:

The agent had the utilities listed at $50 per month which only made me LOL, and I changed it to $250, which is more realistic. So the Annual Income Required figures should probably be increased a little.

Since I am working part-time while Bean is little, my salary is under $30 000. This chart showed me that, without a down payment, I would have to be making a minimum of $40 000 a year to be able to afford a house. It's hard to believe that I managed to keep up for almost eighteen months on my little bit of earnings. It's something of which I am quite proud.


  1. Agents. :P

    I'd like to see her whip up a realistic budget..

    Anyway, good job on selling the house :)

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