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Gratitude list

Today is the day I list three more things for which I am grateful:

1) my STUFF, even as it goes out the door to new owners, because of its usefulness and pleasure-giving capacity; and knowing that the accumulation of it does not have to determine my real identity

2) my capacity for love and honesty, and how I am willing to look for it in so many people and places

3) my friends, far and wide, who have brought me pleasure and helped me through pain; I hope to make the opportunity to do a lot of catching up in the coming months

Hope you're having a great day.


  1. Good idea, here are my three:

    1. Family, friends, and loved ones.
    2. Finding my real voice through writing online.
    3. Getting knee surgery this year. I am so grateful to have mobility back.


  2. Hey, thanks for commenting!


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