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Dear Santa: Mama wants World Peace and a new pair of boots

Bean and I went up to the mall yesterday to visit Santa. We've been visiting the same little Santa hut since his first christmas in 2006. That year a professional photographer in the mall took the photos - $5 for one or 3 for $10 with all proceeds going towards a charity for animal welfare. Who could resist? The pics turned out really good too. Last year the photographer was a kid with a digital camera from Radio Shack-The Source-Circuit City or whatever that place is called now. The pics weren't as good but the price was still the same, so I didn't complain.

This year it was another kid and he told me to pick up the photos from Staples this time. The price was even better: 3- 4x6 pics for $5 or 2- 5x7 for $10. I only planned on buying one photo, as I did last year, because when I get home with it I scan it, photoshop the year in, and send it to Photolab for wallet-sized pics to go in my christmas cards. Sure beats having to buy one of those ridiculous packages from a studio. I did that for Bean's first christmas and I swear at least half of those pics are still in the envelope they came in. Not to mention the cost!

My kid was a little shy at first but he warmed up to Santa pretty quickly. He kept sticking his tongue out at the photographer the way he does when he's acting shy, but I'm pretty sure the pic has his tongue tucked in. I told him to tell Santa that we wanted World Peace this year for christmas.

And speaking of those boots, I saw them in person (on person?) today, and I actually stopped her to take a good look. Man, they are nice boots. She said she found them on sale last year after christmas and that I should wait for the boxing day sales. I could, but I doubt I would find them for cheaper than $250, and I am not moving into a one-bedroom apartment so that I can afford to buy those boots!


  1. Maybe Santa will find you...

  2. I saw him today but he had dogs on his lap ... Santa Claws! :)


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