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A Busy Saturday

I think I got a lot done today but I still have so. much. to. do.

After coffee with a friend I did a little bit of christmas shopping. I noticed as I walked around a clothing store that I just didn't see much that I liked, whereas only a couple of years ago I would have filled a great big bag with clothing for myself. I don't know if my tastes have changed thanks to age, or that fast-fashion is just really ugly not nice these days. However, I did pick up two long-sleeved t-shirts: 2 for $10. I know they will get a lot of wear because I have the same ones in short-sleeved and I reach for them first as soon as they are out of the dryer. I also got a pair of knee socks for $2, and you can't go wrong with that price and with this minus 10 weather I know they'll be well-loved.

After my little shop I came home for lunch but had only a couple of hours to spare before the agent came with a prospective buyer for the house. This is a pain, especially as it's not my house, but I have to keep reminding myself that my landlord took over the utilities bills for the rest of the month to compensate for the inconvenience. Hopefully this will save me at least $100.00 plus I won't have to worry about any residual bills arriving at my new place in January, so I can begin my new budget free and clear.

I finally got around to organizing two bins of Bean's outgrown clothes and took them down to the consignment store. The sales lady accepted only one bin, but did inform me that I had $49 credit from the batch of stuff I brought in last month. I decided to keep it on file and have the new stuff that sells added to the balance so that I will have a nice amount to trade in for a birthday present when Bean turns three in the spring. Boy the news of that $49 made me feel really good. That's more than I expected!

After the consignment store visit I went to the grocery store and cashed in all my points for toys for my step-siblings' kids. Normally I use the points for toys for the city toy-drive, but this year I used them for my own family. Hopefully once I get my finances figured out and my new budget in place and working, I will be able to save up some cash to donate to charity. But that's a topic for another post :)

So today feels good. I'm going to head into the basement to figure out what is coming with me to the apartment and what is going out out out. Stay safe! Stay warm!


  1. I love Using points cards when shopping for Christmas. This year I got a 25.00 gift card to chapters, 75 dollars from Shoppers ( I borrowed points from the parents) and my local book store has a points system too ( I saved 12.?? on my god daughters gift)

    Good lick sorting through your stuff, I've been gradually purging through the house and getting rid of a lot of stuff.

    I LOL when I saw your CC debt, b/c that's where about mine sits. I'd like to have it down to about 17,000 by the end of next year.

    Enjoy your Sunday!

  2. I'm aiming for a goal of $10 000, but we'll see.

    I have Shopper's points too. Last year I donated them to a foundation for ill children. I might do the same this year. I'm almost finished christmas shopping.


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