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Somebody took all our furniture off the porch

Early this morning I looked out my living room window and saw that all the furniture had been removed from my front porch. All that remained of the two chairs, small table, and two shelves were one of the shelves and a moldy straw mat that I left out by accident. Even the two-legged kitchen table was removed from my front lawn, and the other two legs that were left on the small table were gone as well.

I was excited.

A good friend of mine is shooting a film about 45 minutes from here and needed old furniture to fill up her set, and I offered everything on my porch, and the poor broken kitchen table that had been living in my shed for over a year. One of the legs was already broken and the second one broke off when I dragged the table through the snow, down the driveway, to the front of my house. I hope my friend's set designer will be able to attach them back on, and that all this old stuff will be useful for once.

I barely even used the front porch of this house in the fourteen months that we've been living here. Bean preferred to play on the driveway or in the backyard on his slides playset so I usually parked myself in a camping chair on the back porch. We are sure going to miss all this playspace come spring when we will be in our smaller apartment.

But there is a bike path right in front of the building, and Bean will be able to take his tricycle out and go for miles. I'll just have to jog along behind him.

Which makes me think about another goal I would like to set: how about one hour a day at the gym ... starting in January.


  1. That is kind of exciting. I'd love to leave old furniture and watch it go to a better home :)

    Added you to my blogroll & reader!

  2. Thanks for the add. I found your blog inspiring, and I know I'll be linking to it in the near future.


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