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Bean has decided that he is a geek/ nerd, and I'm having fun indulging him with comic books and watching great superhero TV shows with him. We don't have cable TV, so we wait until the shows air and then catch them online the next day. 

He loves the Nintendo characters (even though I bought him an XBox last year - d'oh!) and I printed off a bunch of free Valentines from the link above for him. Tonight we are going to watch The Flash, glue the Valentines onto construction paper hearts, and make sugar cookies for his classmates.

I received statements for two of my four student loans the other day, and the smallest loan was at $1650 at the end of December. I'm tempted to use part of one my savings accounts to pay the loan off completely. It's been a part of my life since I started college in 1996, and I want to see it gone. Twenty years! Currently, I'm in an assistance program where the government pays the interest and a small portion of the principal of each loan. This small loan gets a $5 payment from the government each month, along with my $15. It's like it will never go away.

I could put $1500 towards my mortgage, which is the loan with the highest balance and interest rate (2.94%) or towards my car loan (1.99%) but I think I want to take the Ramsey route and tackle the smallest debt first. It will be nice to see PAID OFF on one of my loans. Then I can put the $15 towards the next smallest loan and see that one disappear as well.