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I was so close to shopping online today ("black friday")

Yep, I almost did it. I almost pulled the trigger on a couple of sites today. I had stuff in the carts, but I closed the tabs before I pulled out the credit card.

The first cart contained a couple of "ugly christmas sweaters" for Bean and I, and they weren't even that ugly. The one for me was pretty cute, and since it was pink and black, I could wear it year round. I knew Bean would get a kick out of the one I picked out for him.

The second cart was for skincare, my most favourite thing to splurge on. I'm almost out of my $55 serum, and I saw an email for some sample primers at a great price. I needed to add only $2 more to get bonus points, so I picked out a new face wash.

I scrutinized my purchases a few times, and read a couple of reviews of the primers. I needed to make sure the cosmetics company was cruelty-free.

And then I clicked "x," twice.

And went to heat up my ramen noodles for lunch.

I also figured out how to file a dispute with amazon, since something Bean asked me to order for him at the beginning of October never showed up. He gave me cash for it and everything, and every day is disappointed that our mailbox is full of junk newspapers every day, but no movie tie-in toys for him.

I chose to get a gift card credit on my account, which means that not only did I not buy anything online on "black friday," I actually made a little bit of money.

But this means that I have to spend it at amazon, whom I have been trying to avoid.

This evening I will go to the grocery store and use up my points to purchase toys and cans for a drive I am attending tomorrow. I am determined to get through today without spending a cent.


  1. I hope you had a great holiday Karissa!


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