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time or money?

There are a few job postings where I work, and I'm qualified for all of them. They are all full time - 35 hours a week vs the 28 hours I am paid to work.

I know from experience that this would be a net pay increase of around $550 per month, but it might jeopardize my interest relief status with the student loan centre, as well as my child care subsidy. And I will definately need the child card subsidy since I would be in the office for 1.5 more hours per day.

I ultimately make the important decisions at our house, but my kid is smart and I always ask his opinion. He even helped me pick out the house I bought last fall.

Today we talked about what it might be like if I worked longer hours each day. We talked about what would be better for us: more money or more time together? I reminded him that more money meant more sushi dinners (I really need to learn to make futomaki).

Bean decided that more time was more important to him. We have a leisurely morning routine and our afternoons are pretty good too. I pick him up when the bell rings and we hang out together in the evening. One afternoon a week he has piano lessons, and another evening a week he hangs out at my sister's while I go to meditation.

So yeah ... money. More would be nice. But time is more important, especially when the boy is still quite small. By the time I was his age (9) I had a key and I was on my own for hours after school. I don't even think that's legal anymore!


  1. Wise decision on Bean's part :) And yours, of course! While more money is always welcome, time is always our most limited resource.

    1. His former karate teacher said Bean had an old soul. He is very wise - and still very silly - for a 9 year old :)


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